Creating a structure to accelerate the production and supply of first-class Iranian goods and services in the domestic and international markets.

Data Kavan Irsa Company, in line with the statements of the Supreme Leader Madzaleh Al-Ali, in the direction of all-round support for the production of Iranian goods and services, as well as in the direction of the Jihad of explanation, which characterizes the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various fields after the Islamic Revolution, has considered its duty in this direction, which leads It is possible to take a step towards further excellence of Iran’s economy and culture and providing a successful model of all-round efforts. After the continuous studies of experts and young experts, the policy and implementation strategy of a national comprehensive plan was formulated, which we will mention below. Undoubtedly, believing that we can and setting correct goals and moving without stopping and trusting in God’s help, will lead to the achievement of our holy and great goal, which will make the efforts of Iranian producers and traders excel.